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Our Story

Ming Yin Tam co-founded Bubble East Cafe alongside two other co-investors in 2021.


His vision was to share his childhood memories, with his brothers, growing up with the aroma of freshly made egg waffles every morning wafting through their windows.


He particularly remembers the first day of the Chinese New Year, when all but one shop was open, the Bubble Waffle cart down the road. The New Year was celebrated with families feasting on waffles and drinking various teas.

"Those memories stay with you, the fun, the getting up to mischief; they all become complete with the smell around you and the tastes, it helps to keep them vivid in your mind. I want to create memorable moments like that for other people.”

Bubble East Cafe will be developing a menu of street food fusing together East and West, with bubble inspiration.

Our full menu will be ready Summer 2021.

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